Unborn 8.0 Brown Pointer His name was Lee.
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His name was Lee.
oncemorewithwalkers messaged: Much as I love Kenny, he was definitely "losing it". He reminded me in a lot of ways of the television show's Governor. As his losses mounted he lost control of his own humanity, and in the end was 'too far gone'.

fuckyeahthewalkingdead replied:

Exactly! I think most would agree that Kenny was an exceptionally dynamic character throughout the series. People have breaking points though and I believe that the anger and pain from losing Katja/Duck was his catalyst into insanity. 

im just gonna come out and say it: kenny was fucking losing it…but im not going to take sides in this whole jane vs. kenny debate. i think the fandom is forgetting that people fuck up, and even more so given the circumstances. remember how quick lilly lost her sanity in season 1, after her father’s death? im not saying that jane’s plan was justified, nor can i agree with the way kenny treated arvo. as i said before, being in an apocalyptic setting is sure to test anyones sanity. kenny’s frustration is taken out on those around him, a notable (but human) flaw. jane’s perspective on staying in groups has been proven. i mean, clementine watched two entirely different groups basically fall apart due to death or betrayal. 

idk rant over/


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seeing lee in ep. 6 


aang represents those outside the fandom

so like…am i the only one who thinks jane and molly would be an awesome lesbian couple or…